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Real Name: Jeffrey Fields
Height: 5'11""
Weight: 197 pounds
From: Gualala, California
Nicknames: Jeff, Gordon
Finishing Move: Gordon Drop
HWA titles won:
HWA Intercontinental Title 1 Time


Jeff Gordon was wrestling in the Hardcore Wrestling Alliance as Big Bubba Fat, but was sick of the stupied publicity stunt. He decided to go with his regukar name and wrestle the way he wanted.

As Big Bubba Fat was supose to cheat in every match (which he did) he reasly was a great wrestler. He finally got to prove it in his debut match against Redneck. It was the first time the HWA witnissed to Gordon Drop.

He hasnt had a realy chance with wrestling in the HWA. Now is his chance. He has been giving the ball and is running with it strongly. There is one person in his way and that is Redneck. The dirty white trash from annapolis.

We will see what ends up with Jeff Gordon as the the shows line up. If he can beet Redneck, he will have a chance to fight either Ray Stevens or Krupt for the HWA world title. We will have to see what happens.


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