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Real Name: Lance Guyan
Height: 6'2""
Weight: 161 pounds
From: Gualala, California
Favorite Moves: DVD, Inverted Diamond Cutter, Stunner, Paradise Drop
Finishing Move: Power Neckbreaker (from a Power Bomb, drop into a neckbreaker)
Nicknames: SWC, Ray Ray
HWA Titles Won:

HWA Heavyweight Championship 5 Times
HWA European Championship 2 Times
HWA Navy World Champion 1 Time (retired)

Tarined by himself, Ray Stevens wrestled as several diffrent names and none of them really didnt work for him. He has still to reach his prime and is doing very well at this time. He was a great amatuer wrestler at a young age.

Ray made his dabut as Crow, a gimick that realy didnt last for him. It just wasnt him, a short time after that he wrestled as Rage, Sexual White Choclate (wich he is still called) and Haac. He changed his name six diffrent times in 1998

In 1999, he finally got the name and stuck with Ray Stevens in early January of 1999. Just a couple of weeks ago, he picked up his manager Nikki. They make a great team. She backs him up 100% and they will last a long time. She has brought him to a number of victories.

With the gimick Ray Stevens, he can act like himself he says, "I can be what I want to be, I can gow out there and act like my self, with Nik, and say what ever I want to!!!". Nikki has brought Lance to the HWA Heavyweight championship twice. "If it wasnt for Nikki, I dont know where I would be today."