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HWA Championship


Champion: "Ray Stevens"


Ray Stevens defended the title last against Krupt at The Money Shot PPV (wich is available on tape) in a hardcore title match. The match was shurely a Hardcore match. It was very violent. Ray came out on top though. The HWA Heavyweight title was retired and a new title was presented to Ray Stevens.

HWA Intercontinental Championship


Champion: Vacant


It was a double draw between Redneck and Jeff Gordon last PPV, this tiem there must be a winner. The winner of this match at showdown. Will get a shot at the next PPV.

HWA European Championship


Champion: Lucha


Lucha was being beat to hell in his match against Papa Pain, untill he hit the referee with a spinning kick and knocked him out. He then took a chair, and hit Papa Pain with four frankersteiners onto a chair and two moon saults for the win.