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Birthday Bash


HWA Birthday Bash - March 28, 1999
Live from Gualala, California

The Little Bean Machine defeated the little Black Child of Death

- The match was pretty shity. It was pretty boreing to watch untill about half way. The Little Black Child of Death side kicked LBM right in the side of the head. LBM reversed a clothsline, and then hit BLC with a spinning heel kick and connected. He went for the run for the border (his finisher) but BCD blocked the move and power bombed LBM for the T.V. Championship.

•Backstage, You see Ray Stevens talkeing to the beutifull Nikki. Rays's manager.

Fat Boy Match. First one to pick up your oponent and slam him.

• This was a crazy match. Two of the fattest people went at it in the HWA. First one to pick up and slam your oponent wins. White Fat Punk went right to work on his ex tag team partner Black Fat Punk (The Fat Punks). They started fighting last week, thus for fitting the tag titles. Neither one of the men could drop the other. They kept hitting each other, clothesline after clothesline. Neither man was fazed. After a while BLF knocked WFP down. He started kicking him in the face. BFP has about 70 pounds on WFP. This match went back and forth untill out of know where, WFP hit, BLP with one of the tag team titles. Then picked him up and suplexed him for the win.

Backstage, Krupt is hitting a punching Bag.

•Redneck and Big Bubba fought to a draw due to Ray Stevens
-The next match was for who would become the number 1 contender for the heavy weight championship. Big Bubba and Redneck were battling back and fourth. In the only first two minutes of the match, Nikki started walking down the isle. When she got down to the ring, both wrestlers stopped and stared at the most beutifull women in Back Yard Wrestling's history. After a second or two, Ray Stevens music hit the arena, everyone went nuts, he came down to ring side with the sugar can stick, beatBig Bubba, threw him out of the ring, whent over and through Redneck onto his shoulders and hit himn with the inverted DVD!! The Croud Went nuts. He grabbed a Microphone and said, "I aint waiting anymore!! What I would like to have right now, is for Krupt to bring his white candy ass down here, call 911 cause I'm going to beet his ass!!

Krupt music then hits the speakers and he makes his way down to ring side.

Krupt defeats Ray Stevens in a Ladder to Hell match to win the HWA World Title

- As soon as Krupt jumped in the ring, Ray went right to work on him. Hes tomped a mud whole in his chest and delivered several hard punches to the side of his head. He beeat him around the ring dor about six minutes he made it look easy. Nikki, even got a couple of cheap shot in. He then through Krupt into the rights and tried to hit him with a sexual side kick, but Krupt cought it and turned it into a suplex. Thats when the match started to change. Krupt tried to climb up the ladder to grab the title, but Ray grabbed him and suplexed him right on the back of his head. ray then hit him with a spining heel kick to lay Krupt out. Ray then hit him with a hard clothesline, and then a devistateing sexual side kick to the side of Krupt face that almost knocked him out. He wasnt moveing while Ray just stood there stomping Krupt chest. ray then started to climb the ladder but Krupt suplexed Ray off the ladder, through a table. Ray Stevens then grabbed a metal sheet and started bashing Krupt in the face, untill his forhead busted open and he was bleeding. Ray then hit him with the Stunner!! You know whats next; the inverted DVD!!! He picked Krupt up threw him on his shoulder, but out of know where, Krupt turned it into his finisher the Sky High DDT. There was notheing Nikki could do, she got up in the ring and yelled and threatend Krupt but it didnt work. He nailed Nikki with a fierce, blow to the face. Now your new HWA World Champion: Krupt!!