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* The HWA has a bunch of great videos for sale at great prices. The HWA is not realy interested in tradeing vidoes, but might make a few exceptions. The HWA is mostly interested in selling them so the HWA can get bigger and better. E-mail Lance If you are interested in any of the HWA videos. The newest video will be "Showdown". E-mail Lance if you are interested in purchaseing this video. It is only 15 dollars. It is going to be at least an hour long with interviews, and great exciting mactches.

If you are interested in HWA best matches e-mail Lance. It is jammed pack with an hour and a half of great matches. E-mail Lance if you are interested.

NOTE #2: All of these tapes were recorted with state of the art camera equipment. They are in very good condition, and the HWA purchases top quality VHS tapes so that the picture is excellent.

NOTE #3: The HWA doesn't sell tapes on how many matches they have or how long they are.

HWA Tape List


Ladder to Hell PPV

Hardcore Heat Part One (The HWA sell's all hardcore heat matches in a package. E-mail Lance with questions)

Hardcore Heat Part Seven

Emani vs Curt in a old fashion wrestling match with Krupt as special guest referee.

Ray Stevens vs Krupt for the IC Title

Many More Tapes: Coming Soon!