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HWA Show Down
July 2, 1999.
Gualala, CA


HWA Heavyweight Title Match

Ray Stevens



This match is the final chapter between the feud that Ray Stevens and Krupt have had. The title doesnt even matter in this match. Its a must win situation, Winner takes all. The winner of this match will go on to next months PPV and fight the winner of the Jeff Gordon vs. Redneck match, wich ended in a double countout last month at "The Money Shot". This is a very big match for both stars. One of these athletes are going to have to step down amd go after another title unless the winner desideds to great the loser a title shot. The HWA has decided that there have been to many title matches between these two and it is time for a change. Who will be the undespoited champion??

IC Title Match

Jeff Gordon



Winner of this rematch will go on to face the winner of the Ray Stevens vs. Krupt match in a title vs. Title confirtation. Last time this two met, it ended in a draw. This time it is falls count anywhere, hardcore rules match. Redneck grew up in the shittiest neck of Annapolis. He lives in a beat down traylor with thirteen dogs, and six truck that dont run. He steels from the grocery store whenever he wants food, wich he rerly does, and the rest of the time you will find him hunting for his food. Jeff Gordon is a huge athlete with plenty of strength. Most of the time you will find Jeff wheeling his toyota 4-Runner down at the river.

European Title Shot Match

Papa Pain (Abers Seefeldt)


Papa Shango (Emani Seefeldt)

This is a Papa vs. Papa match, Blood vs. Blood, Brother vs. Brother. Winner of this match will earn this athlete a shot at the European championship match at next months PPV. These brothers have argued with each other for years. They each think that they are the best brother. If Papa Shango happens to find himself in the "Pain Killer" the match could end right away. But it works the other way around also, if Papa Pain is unable to his Papa Shango with the Pain Killer and Papa Shango hits him with the "Shangerla", it could be over. This match could go either way. You will have to order the video to find out the winner.

European Title Match



Giant Assasin

Little Lucha, the white luchador, is running around the HWA sayeing how he is much better than all of the stars in the HWA. Last week on Saturday Hardcore Heat, he hit the referee with a spinning side kick to nock him out, and then proceeded to beet Redneck with the European championship belt. He then one the title and has been telling everyone that he is the best wrestler in the HWA. But every time he is supposed to wrestle a Heavy Weight he is a no show. If he doesnt show up on the 3rd he will be stripped of the title, and he be forced to face Rya Stevens. We saw what Ray did to him two weeks ago. He was talkeing shit to Ray. Ray slammed him through a table and hit him with the DVDC. (Death Valley Diamond Cutter)