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As you saw on the front page, The Hardcore Wrestling Alliance is now makeing custom made titles for Backyard Wrestling Federations all over the world. All of the money that goes to these belts will be put into materials for the Hardcore Wrestling Alliance ring.

If your interested in haveing a custom made title for your federation, or have any questions please feel free to
E-mail me now!!

What will happen, is if you are interested, e-mail Lance and tell him that you ar einterested. Belts only cost 25 dollars includeing shipping and handeling. The titles can have any logo you want on the belts. For instince, if you have a realy nice picture with a custom made logo that you made for your webpage, it can be put on the Belt!!

The Hardcore Wrestling Alliance will put any graphic on the belt and it can say anything you want. Just look at the HWA Heavyweight title!! index.html Look at it!!! Wouldnt you want to have one for your fed!!!!!!!