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Real Name: Unknown
Height: 6'1""
Weight: 170 pounds
From: Annaplois, California
Nicknames: Wildman
Finishing Move: Confederate Bomb
HWA titles won:
Havents won any HWA titles at this time.


Redneck was born in the shitiest parts of Annapolis. He is the dirtiest white piece of trash you will ever seen. He lives in a beet down trailor right next to the Annapolis house. He lives with his eight dogs and all of his guns.

He doesnt ever do anything but go to parties and drink beer. He doesnt do anything else but go out and hunt. He was recruited to the HWA by Papa Shango. Since then they have gone in there own directions. Redneck is now in a feud with Jeff gordon, and will continue to fight untill they have a leave the HWA match.

On sunday July 28th Redneck will battle it out with Jeff Gordon and will have anequill chance to become the intercontinenatl champion. He doesnt care about getting hurt and wants to have a hardcore match with Jeff Gordon for the Intercontinental championship. We will just have to see what happpens.

What will happen with Redneck career. Will He reunite with his former manager Papa Shango and dominate the HWA?? Time will tell.