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Real Name: Owen Guyan
Height: 5'2""
Weight: 112 pounds
From: Gualala, California
Nicknames: Lil K, Krupt
Finishing Move: Sky High DDT
HWA titles won:
HWA Heavy Weight Championship 4 Times
HWA Intercontinental Championship 2 Time
HWA Light Heavyweight Championship 1 Time (Retired)


Krupt has been wrestling with this name for some time now. He is one of the greatest cruiser weights in the world. He is the only cruiser weight that has been able to beet great stars like, Ray Stevens, The Giant and many many more.

He has one the Cruiser Weight championship like ten times, and every time he wins the belt he gives it back to the HWA and has them hold a tournemnet for the title. This went back and fourth many times!!! He finally anounced that he will not go after that title anymore and announced that he want a titke shot at the World Title.

In November of 1998 he saw him wrestle for his first shot at the World Title. He failed on that acation and the next, but the third time, he managed to beat Crow for the World Title, and be the first cruiser weight to ever hold a World Heavyweight. Championship

Now, he is the number one contender for the world championship, and he holds the european champion ship. He is the greatest Cruiser weight the HWA has seen.


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